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Combination skin

Combination skin is rather a special case among skin types. While your T-zone shows an overproduction of sebum, it's the opposite on your cheeks and around your eyes. This is where your skin tends be dry and needs the right care. 

Features of combination skin

Skin texture 

Your skin has both dry and shiny patches. 

Skin structure 

The structure also has different characteristics. What we call the T-zone tends to have the characteristics of mostly oily skin, while the rest tends to be dry.


Your complexion is uneven – the T-zone often shows redness, while the rest appears dry and pale. 

Special feature 

The two areas of your skin have different requirements that need to be taken into account.



Recognise the difference

People with combination skin face the challenge of caring for two different skin types at once. Take the time to find out in which areas your skin corresponds to which skin type and find the right care for your.


Go easy on it

For both skin types, the milder the better. To prevent the skin from being exposed to additional irritation, use mild cleansing products that ideally also moisturise.


Go lightly

Just like you, your skin prefers to go through life unburdened. In other words, the lighter the skincare you use, the better your skin feels. So avoid heavy creams and moisturise your skin as much as possible.

Two skin types? No problem – this is how you care for combination skin

Combination skin combines two different skin characteristics and is the most common skin type. Usually, the mix is an oily T-zone on one hand and dry skin zones on the other. But even if it seems like a special challenge at first glance, there are products that have been developed for the specific features of the two skin types and therefore relieve you of a lot of work. There are two rules of thumb. The first is for cleansing. Look for products with mild ingredients and as few additives as possible. The second is about moisturising. As is often the case, make sure you have enough moisture, which you can find in products with a high hyaluronic acid content.

Care for combination skin properly

Our skjur® skin care range offers combination skin everything for the perfect care routine. Start with our mild cleansing foam to gently prepare your skin for the intensive day cream. And for your eye area, our eye cream is the ideal complement. It gives it that extra dose of moisture and makes it glow.


More than just skin types

In addition to different skin types, specific skin conditions can arise temporarily due to various internal and external factors, but they are rarely permanent in nature. By getting to know them better, you can understand your skin's needs much better.


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