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Balanced skin

A balanced or normal skin is the ideal skin type. Thanks to its balanced moisture content, it is neither too dry nor too greasy. This gives you a particularly smooth and supple skin texture where pores are barely visible.

Features of balanced skin

Skin texture

Your skin is velvety-soft and supple in texture.

Skin structure

Your skin’s structure is characterised by fine pores with no impurities.  


Your complexion is evenly rosy and naturally fresh. 

Special features 

The biggest enemy of balanced skin is excessive care that attacks its natural protective barriers.



Care in moderation only

Balanced skin innately brings everything it needs to regulate itself – the biggest danger for your skin is you yourself. Excessive skin care measures can cause irritation to your otherwise flawless skin, so it's best to avoid this.


Cleanse with caution

To still do something good for your skin, use mild products for daily cleansing. This preserves your natural protective layer and keeps your complexion glowing.


Move with the times

Even the most balanced skin is not immune to traces of the ageing process. So look out for the first signs of ageing and adjust your skincare routine if necessary.

It doesn't take much – here's how to care for balanced skin

If your skin type is balanced, consider yourself lucky. Only few have such radiantly beautiful skin by default and without much care efforts. But even if your skin type is balanced, its state can change. Reasons for this can be stress, hormonal fluctuations or an unbalanced diet. So if you notice a change in your skin, an analysis of the state of your skin will help you to take appropriate action. But as long as you're at peace with your skin, make sure you use a mild skincare product that won't irritate your natural protective barrier.

Our skin care tip for balanced skin

Even if your skin already has a good complexion – a little care is still good for it. Try our mild cleansing foam. It cleanses your skin gently and thoroughly without drying it out. This creates the ideal basis for your subsequent skin care routine – such as with our skin care for daytime and our eye cream. 


More than just skin types

In addition to different skin types, specific skin conditions can arise temporarily due to various internal and external factors, but they are rarely permanent in nature. By getting to know them better, you can understand your skin's needs much better.


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