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Dehydrated skin

It occurs when the protective barrier of your skin is disrupted. As a result, moisture can no longer be properly bound, and your skin appears rough and dry. This can be caused by environmental influences such as exposure to the sun or cold, but washing too often can also lead to dehydration.

Features of dehydrated skin

Skin texture

Your skin feels dry and rough.

Skin structure

Dehydrated skin is dry, causing it to become tight and flaky.


Your complexion appears tired and sallow.

Special features

All skin types can suffer from dehydration depending on environmental and hormonal influences.



Ensure your skin has sufficient moisture

When you are dehydrated, you reach for water – for dehydrated skin, the remedy of choice is hyaluronic acid. It binds water best on damp skin. After cleansing, it is better to just pat the face dry instead of drying it completely, and then apply the appropriate moisturiser.


Cleanse gently and consciously

Dry, flaky skin cells should never be treated with an overly aggressive peel. Instead of ridding the skin of the old, nourish it with a mild moisturiser that helps to strengthen the skin barrier.


Be mindful of external influences

Whether artificially heated or ventilated, dehydrated skin is often a result of insufficient air humidity. To counteract this, regular airing in summer can help. In winter, the best way to counteract dry air from heating systems is with a humidifier.


How to care for dehydrated skin

First things first: Dehydrated skin is a skin state and can occur in all skin types. So it's better to be safe than sorry and have the skin state professionally assessed in addition to your skin type. The skin barrier, which has been completely or partially damaged, is always to blame for dehydration of the skin and must be rebuilt. The triggers for this can be external influences, hormonal fluctuations or an unbalanced diet. Try to avoid sugary products in the future and always make sure to drink enough water. However, the best way to combat dehydrated skin is with regular, generous moisturising. A skin care product that contains sufficient hyaluronic acid is particularly suitable for comprehensive skin care.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, you can also find other ingredients in our ingredients glossary.

The right care for dehydrated skin

With dehydrated skin, moisture and care are key. Good thing that skjur® offers your skin everything it so desperately needs. Our day cream gives it intense and long-lasting moisture, while our night cream helps your skin barrier regenerate overnight.


More than just skin types

In addition to different skin types, specific skin conditions can arise temporarily due to various internal and external factors, but they are rarely permanent in nature. By getting to know them better, you can understand your skin's needs much better.


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