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Natürliche Schönheitsmodelle

Oily skin

If you have oily skin, it tends to appear shiny due to increased sebum and sweat production. This can sometimes result in blackheads or, in more severe cases, acne. However, the good news is that oily skin is often more resilient, although it requires balanced care.

Features of oily skin

Skin texture 

Your skin looks oily and shiny. 

Skin structure 

Your skin structure is characterised by large pores, which means that pimples and/or blackheads are more likely to form 


Your complexion is uneven and shiny, with redness in some areas.


A small ray of hope: the excess of lipids in the skin causes oily skin to age more slowly.



Nourish your skin with moisture

It may sound unusual at first, but oily skin should still always be moisturized. It is important that it is not greasy – i.e. the pores are not clogged additionally


Don’t overdo peels

Although you may hope that frequent exfoliation will remove excess sebum, you should only do it occasionally. Daily exfoliation can even lead to dehydration, which in turn leads to increased sebum production – resulting in a vicious circle.


Pay attention to your diet

It is not really surprising, but fatty food also makes for oilier skin. So, if your skin type is oily, you should be even more careful than others not to eat unhealthy fats and keep your diet as low in sugar as possible. You should also drink at least 1.5 - 2 litres of water a day.

Balance yourself and your skin – how to care for oily skin

Oily skin is often a leftover from the time of puberty. If you were prone to excessive sebum production and blemished skin as a teenager, you are more likely to still be dealing with it as an adult. Oily skin is usually accompanied by skin with impurities. But combinations with other skin states are also possible. To find the right care, it is therefore best to undergo a professional analysis. Once your skin type has been identified, it's a matter of taking the right care of your skin. To moisturise it without making it greasy, it is best to use products with a high hyaluronic acid content.

The right care for oily skin

If your skin is too oily, it is important to balance your skin care. Our cleansing foam thoroughly frees you from everyday stresses and rewards you with a fresh skin feeling. Our intensive daily care visibly improves the appearance of your skin and reduces wrinkles.


More than just skin types

In addition to different skin types, specific skin conditions can arise temporarily due to various internal and external factors, but they are rarely permanent in nature. By getting to know them better, you can understand your skin's needs much better.


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