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Blemished skin

Many people deal with blemished skin for the first time during puberty. But even in adulthood, pimples and blackheads can leave a permanent mark on the skin's appearance. Though the symptoms occur primarily in people with oily skin, other skin types are not immune to blemished skin either.

Features of blemished skin

Skin texture 

Your skin looks shiny and oily. You frequently struggle with blackheads and pimples.

Skin structure

Your skin structure is dominated by large pores. 


Your complexion is best described as shiny and with reddened areas.

Special feature 

Blemished skin can occur not only in oily skin types but also in dry skin types."



Cleanse mindfully and regularly

Blemished skin is caused by excessive sebum production, which clogs the pores and causes pimples to appear. Therefore, daily cleansing with mild skin care products is an important part of improving your skin's appearance in the long term. This allows your skin to regenerate overnight.


Be patient with your skin

Even if it's hard, you should always leave pimples alone so they can heal. Trying to pop them can further aggravate the inflammation of the skin, causing pain. Popping a pimple also increases the risk of scarring.


Avoid touching your skin unnecessarily

Open pores and existing inflammations are an ideal gateway for dirt and bacteria. In order not to aggravate the condition of your skin, avoid touching your face with your hands. If you can't avoid touching, wash your hands thoroughly with soap first.

Find your routine – how to care for blemished skin

In the course of life, everyone has to deal with the effects of blemished skin. This is often due to genetic predispositions, but external influences such as your diet can also promote blemished skin. But there's no need to panic. Blemished skin is a temporary state and can be managed well with the right care. It is important to give the skin time to regenerate and to continually improve the skin's appearance with gentle care products. Aggressive products containing alcohol or other drying ingredients damage the skin in the long term and should be avoided. It is best to use products with anti-inflammatory components, such as Ectoin. Ectoin soothes irritated skin and can improve your skin's appearance in the long term. 

With the combination of other ingredients, your skin is optimally cared for. You can explore these in our ingredients glossary.

Gentle facial care for blemished skin

The first step to cleaner skin is our cleansing foam. It cleanses deep into the pores and is gentle on your skin. Add long-lasting moisture to your skincare routine with our intensive day cream. And for the night, you can additionally use our night cream. For a fresh complexion in the morning.


More than just skin types

In addition to different skin types, specific skin conditions can arise temporarily due to various internal and external factors, but they are rarely permanent in nature. By getting to know them better, you can understand your skin's needs much better.


Learn more about skin states

Learn about other skin states and their special features.

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