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Skin states

Find out what state your skin is in

While your skin type is determined by your genes, its state reflects your skin's reaction to external and internal conditions. And there are plenty of them: nutrition, stress, hormones, environmental influences and many more. But the state your skin is in is usually not long-lasting and can be cared for as necessary. We are here to tell you more about this.


Dehydrated skin

Sun rays, weather influences and other factors can disrupt the function of the skin barrier. Dehydrated skin is not far behind, and feels dry and rough.


Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is usually red and extremely sensitive. Even the smallest changes can cause itching, flaking and a tight feeling. This skin state requires special care.

Skin conditions.jpeg
Sensitive skin.jpeg

Mature skin

All of us will have mature skin at some point. As the years go by, the skin loses its elasticity because it can no longer store as much moisture as it used to. Even though the course of nature cannot be stopped, it can at least be slowed down.


Blemished skin

Growing up, we all experienced blemished skin. Pimples and blackheads were then often visible when looking in the mirror. But even after puberty, skin can still become blemished, potentially as a result of diet or hormonal fluctuations.


Pay more attention to the condition your skin is in

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