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  • In what order should the products be used?
    To begin, the face is washed and cleansed with the mild cleansing foam to prepare your skin for the subsequent care. We then recommend that you use the day cream in the morning and the night cream in the evening and massage it gently into the skin. In the final step, the eye care product is applied to the ring finger and gently patted into the skin below the eyes. You should work the eye cream into the skin with little pressure, from the outside towards the inner corner of the eye.
  • What skin type are the products suitable for?
    Our products are suitable for every skin type and are suitable for sensitive skin.
  • How long do the products last?
    There is a small jar with an open lid on each product. “6M” is written on the jar. This means that the product has a shelf life of six months after opening.
  • Are all products also suitable for sensitive skin?
    All products are very well tolerated and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Are the products tested on animals?
    Animal testing of cosmetics has been banned in the EU since 2013. It is also forbidden to market cosmetic products that have been tested on animals outside the EU on the market in the EU. Our products are all free from animal testing.
  • How productive are the products?
    For day and night care 50 ml, one to two pumps per application are recommended, which ensures an application period of approximately two months. The 15 ml eye care is sufficient for approx. one month using half a pump per application.
  • Where can I find an explanation of the ingredients?
    In our header menu item active formula you will find our ingredient lexicon. There you will find all the ingredients of the individual products.
  • Can I also use the day cream for the eye area instead of the eye cream?
    The eye cream and day cream have different functions, which we have taken into account in our formulation. The eye care has a very light texture and has been perfectly tailored to the sensitive skin around the eyes. A lower concentration of the fragrance was used in eye care than in day care. We therefore recommend that you use eye care for the sensitive area around your eyes and day care for your face.
  • Can I also use night care instead of day care?
    The day and night creams have different functions, which we have taken into account in our formulation. The day care has a light texture and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences during the day. The night care, on the other hand, has a rich texture that supports the skin during the regeneration phase overnight. We therefore recommend that you use a product that is tailored to the time of day.
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